Wildheart Classes


    A beginners class especially for those with little or no experience. Learn the foundations of yoga in a small group friendly relaxed class environment.

  • FusionFIT

    A funky fusion of yoga and pilates based moves, core building and strength training - all set to your favourite tunes from the 70s, 80s and 90s - created by us to bring you a fun challenging, intense and dynamic workout. A little bit of sweat with a generous helping of soul!


    An gentle and mindful yoga class suitable for beginners or those seeking a gentle practice.


    Mat Pilates is for all levels and a great complement to your yoga practice. This class provides traditional pilates floor work, and builds core strength, stability, flexibility and grace. Suitable for all levels.


    Sculpt is one of our signature classes - created to bring you a challenging, intense and dynamic workout. A fun mix of Yoga, Ballet, Barre and Strength Training you will find this class the perfect balance to your regular yoga classes or as a alternative to the gym or PT.


    An early morning breath work and meditation session designed to centre the body and mind. We work with different breathe techniques and meditation styles providing respite from our busy world. You will leave this session feeling grounded and peaceful, and ready to take on your day. Includes some gentle stretching.


    A perfect class for kicking back and restoring your body. Enjoy a series of restorative postures to allow your body and mind to rest, rejuvenate and recover - a blissful practie with some gentle streches to ease the mind and calm the soul. Beginner friendly and suitable for all levels.


    A new class which focusses on stretching tight, sore and aching muscles, freeing the joints creating increased mobility and releasing tensions held in the body. Suitable for all levels


    Our flow class will give you a complete body and mind experience, building strength, stamina and flexibility. Also offering core conditioning..


    YIN holds postures much longer than our usual classes and works on different layers. Perfect for all levels and especially those who are active in sports or recovering from injury. You will be guaranteed to float out after this class!


    Our chill classes are the perfect way to restore and refresh. The class is a slow flow with deeper postures and emphasis on the breath. Suitable for all levels, and can be modifed for beginners but offer deep intense movements for those more advanced. One of our most popular classes.


    Yoga Nidra is a sleep based meditation designed to help you switch of your thoughts and completely relax. It is a series of breath, body and awareness techniques to help you deeply restore and rest your mind and body. It can decrease stress, reduce anxiety and help you achieve a sound night's sleep.

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