In today’s busy world, achieving balance in your life is tough! Sometimes the real you gets lost in all the clutter!! But who has time to spend months working it all out – join us for 6 Weeks and take 6 easy steps towards a happier, healthier future.

The key to reaching your full potential is to find a flexible, fun and sustainable way of living that works for you as an individual – one without denial and discipline.

Eating the best food in the world is pointless if all the other aspects of your life are out of balance. Being truly happy & healthy is more than the food we eat or the exercise we do.

Take the Simple Six – 6 Weeks to a Happier you!!

Our signature 6-week blueprint program will help you explore ways to make simple improvements in all areas of your life including health, relationships, food, diet, exercise, finances, spirituality, work, creativity, inner peace and love.

You have the power inside you to become your grandest vision – let me help you rediscover your true self and get back on track to live your best life, with simple to implement strategies that you can start using from Week 1!

How does it work?

We work together, for just 6 weeks to design a blueprint together – a blueprint for living that works for you and your individual needs. This can be done in a one-on-one setting or in one of our scheduled group workshop programs.

Here’s an example of what we might cover:

  • Week 1 – Setting a purposeful intention

    We explore what your ideal healthy life looks like (for YOU)  and set the scene for moving towards finding the balance and true purpose you are looking for  We’ll look at:

    • Assessing the NOW – why you are here?
    • Unpacking the baggage – what’s been holding you back?
    • Getting crystal clear on what you want – getting you motivated to move forward

    We will include some supercharged personal goal setting where we will create a strong foundation and action plan for achieving your desired result from this supercharged 6 week program.

  • Week 2 – Nourish your Food Bowl
    • Eating for health and crowding out
    • Eating for health and crowding out
    • Cooking techniques for busy bodies – keeping it simple
  • Week 3 – Intentional Movement
    • Moving your body – finding what works
    • Increasing energy
    • Simple ways to ‘Find 10’
  • Week 4 – De-Cluttering
    • Tips for managing your time and destressing
    • Detoxing your ‘space’
    • Letting go
  • Week 5 – Creating a Self-Care Toolkit
    • Develop your own self-care rituals
    • Making space for relaxation and meditation
    • Being kind to yourself and getting enough sleep
  • Week 6 – Cultivating Happiness
    • Exploring relationships
    • Bringing more love into your life
    • Building creativity
  • BONUS FREE SESSION – Week 7  – Celebration & Reflection
    • Reflection and next steps
    • Celebrating success
    • Where to next?

The Investment

Individual one-on-one and group coaching programs are available. A minimum of 6 sessions are required. The Simple Six Program includes 1 personal or group coaching session each week (or fortnightly if preferred),  regular follow up support between sessions and access to additional free resources where appropriate (reading material, fact sheets, recipes, recommended reading) and your final full blueprint to live by!

Please contact us for pricing details.

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